The DayZ Downunder server is designed to be a hardcore survival community where giving up is easy, but surviving is not!

We encourage players to keep communications in game as much as possible, the DDU Discord (https://discord.gg/rsjSe2w) is available for staff support, server/ mod information, whitelisting, sharing your DDU media and survival information.

Respect all DDU members at all times and they shall respect you. We all play DayZ to have fun, just don't be a dick.

No racism, sexism, homophobia, doxxing or harmful threats will be tolerated. No advertising other servers/ websites.


There is no tolerance for anyone using any form of hack, cheat or script at all.

This includes the use of any third party software to gain an advantage.

Do not intentionally exploit any bugs/ glitches in game.

Do not remove any item from it's spawn point with the intention of gaining a different spawn item, this is loot cycling.

If you believe someone is in breach of these rules, please submit a report through DDU Discord's support ticket system. The more evidence, the better.

DayZ Downunder shares information with many other servers, if you get a ban here, expect it to extend to other servers and vise versus.


MoreDoors Mod doors and windows should only be used in actual doorways and windows. If a doorway is x2 wide, you may place x2 doors side by side only. No blocking off hallways/ stairways etc. Breaches in this rule will see the item removed without notice.

Fences cannot be built to raid bases, watchtowers are permitted.

Do not use tents to block access to a building/ base, this is considered exploiting.

Do not raid by being 'pushed' through a fence or gaining entry by abusing an unintended exploit. This includes the abuse of item collisions. 

Do not grief others' bases by by deliberately despawning their items.


Do not leave the server withing 5 minutes of spotting, talking to or fighting another player. Make sure you are safe from other players before leaving.

If your game crashes, please relog immediately. If you are concerned your crash may result in a combat log report, please inform the staff via support ticket.

Alt accounts - If you log out or die on the server, you must not use a different account to rejoin an ongoing interaction. A review of whitelist status will occur for all linked accounts if found to be in breach of this rule.


Do not restrict access to any wells, heli/ vehicle spawns, hospitals, fire stations, police or military spawns. Do not build within a military compound or within their fence lines. If you faction has an RP reason for wanting to do so, please submit a support ticket and staff will review your request, exceptions are rare.

Please do not build excessively large bases or store excessive amounts of items so that it affect server performance or others enjoyment.

Everything you place whether it be an item or something you build should comply with the laws of physics and look natural like you would find in the real world. Do not use objects to create staircases. Free floating or levitating items should not be used in any way.

Stacking of fences, gates doors, barricades is prohibited. 1 mtr separation is required.


Breaching any of the rules listed above may result in the varying punishment based of the offence. This may include a temporary or permanent ban from the DDU community.

Use your common sense. If you're concerned that you may be breaking the rules, more than likely, you are. 

If your buddies are breaking the rules, don't be a dick, stop them or be prepared to share the punishment with them.

If you are at all confused about any of the rules, please submit a support ticket for clarification.

Be respectful to staff at all times, their word is final.

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